Q: What are Sambas?
A: Sambas are the virtual currency used to buy premium items in Remnant Knights and other GameSamba games. Your Sambas are stored on your account. Once you've added funds to your Remnant Knights account, you can use Sambas to purchase items though the in-game Remnant Knights store or the Remnant Knights store on this site. The stores contain items that enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: How are items delivered after I buy them?
A: Once you've purchased items, they will be sent to your in-game bank. Timed items will begin their timers once they are removed from the item bank and placed into your inventory.

Q: What kind of items are available for purchase with Sambas?
A: Each game's shop contains a variety of items, from different costumes you can wear to experience boosts to pet penguins.

Q: Can I transfer or sell my Sambas?
A: No. Sambas cannot be transferred or sold between accounts. You will be able to use them for any GameSamba game your account is linked to, but you cannot use them on other accounts.

Q: How can I get Sambas?
A: You can get Sambas by purchasing with real world money, or through free offers. Read our Buying Sambas page for more information.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Sambas I have?
A: While there are limits to how many Sambas you can purchase in one transaction, there is no limit to how many you can have stored in your account.