End the Summer with GameSamba    
July 30, 2012

August 1 ~ August 31, 2012 

Summer is almost up but we want to see your <3 for GameSamba! Create a sign that meets the requirements and take pictures of yourself, your friend, your family member, random person on the street (make sure you have permission to post their picture), or even your pet, taking on the objectives we have listed. For each objective there will be points. The more points you earn the more rewards you will earn!

August 31, 2012 @ 11:59pm PST, any edits on post after this time will be disqualified.

Fan Sign Requirements:
· Must be easy to read in the photos
· Must say “I <3 GameSamba”
· GameSamba Must be spelled out
· <3 or Love or any other way you want to spell it is accepted

How to Join:
· Take a picture of yourself performing the objectives in this forum post. 
· You must be holding your GameSamba Fansign
· You may cover your face if you wish, but you or the person you are using needs to be in the picture holding the sign. 
· You must label the picture (number it, for example) so that we know which task you're completing. 
· Edit your original post so ALL of your pictures can be viewed in one post!  

1. By entering an image in the contest, players represent that the work submitted is their own creation, and that the work does not infringe on the copyright of any party. NO Photoshop or cheating of any kind! 
2. You may only enter once per account. 
3. The work must be completely original. You may not edit or re-use an old photo to insert a fan-sign. 
4. The GMs reserve the right to request proof of the authenticity/originality of your piece. Please keep the original PSDs or artwork intact so that you can prove this is an original creation. 
5. You must be holding your GameSamba Fansign.
6. Objectives DO NOT stack. 
7. Each participant must post their own pictures. 
8. Each point must be visible in its own photo 
9. Can only do each task once. 
10. Please be sure to follow the TOS with posted pictures.  
11. Be Safe! 
12. HAVE FUN and be creative! 
13. All images must be visible in the forum thread to count (no links)  

1. Wearing a bag on your head – 1 point
2. Standing in front of a 7-Eleven store – 2 points
3. Holding a Zeevex card – 5 Points
4. Standing in an office (work/school) – 1 point
5. At the park – 1 points
6. Upside down – 2 points
7. In a tree – 2 points
8. Holding a FUNimation DvD – 5 points
9. Playing your favorite GameSamba game – 5 points
10. Dressed like your character (also include screenshot of your character) – 10 points
11. In mid-air jump – 2 points
12. Next to a Mascot – 2 points
13. Use food to spell out “I <3 GS” – 5 points
14. Next to any major land mark – 10 points
15. With another GameSamba user (include their IGN) – 5 points
16. Next to someone in uniform (or yourself in uniform) – 2 points
17. At an anime convention – 10 points
18. With a pet – 1 point
19. At a toy store – 3 points
20. On your FB wall (screenshot your facebook with it posted) – 1 point
21. Next to a cab – 2 points
22. Cutting the grass – 5 points
23. Eating something cold (ice cream, snow cone, slushy) – 3 points
24. Shooting someone with a water gun – 2 points
25. Being hit with a water balloon – 5 points
26. Write in chalk on a sidewalk/driveway “I <3 GS” – 1 points
27. On an airplane – 5 points
28. On a boat – 5 points
29. BBQ-ing or next to a campfire – 3 points
30. Holding a sword or bow & arrows – 5 points

· Top Scorer: 5,000 Sambas
· 2nd Place: 3,000 Sambas
· 3rd Place: 1,000 Sambas

Come enter and check out the other entries in the forum thread.