2012 Brings Big Updates to GameSamba Titles    
January 19, 2012

Realms Online has experienced two recent upgrades: a brand new user interface has been added and a new world map has been put in place with a quest helper system. Take a look at what RO looks like now by watching the Video Newsletter and click Here to see some of the intense action that has been going on in Realms recently!

In Remnant Knights news, GameSamba is in the final testing phase of a patch that will raise the player level cap and release an entirely new zone. Also, there are a just a few more days for players to become eligible for a free and unique mount. Learn how to earn this mount and get a sneak peak at “Neo-Kansas” by watching the Video Newsletter!

Tribal Trouble 2 is scheduled to release a ton of new content as well. Two new multiplayer maps as well as new clothing for player avatars will simultaneously go live later this month. In this update TT2 will see its first ever 3v3 map and chieftain pictures will be visible on the rankings pages.

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