Ragnarok is here
March 10, 2014

GameSamba is pleased to announce you can now play Rangnarok using your GameSamba account!

We are back Online
December 20, 2013


We are back online! Sorry for any inconveniences caused, see you in-game!

Database Center Offline
December 20, 2013


Our Database center is having some technical difficulties and is currently offline. While we work with them to get the issue resolved, Remnant Knights and RAN Online servers are currently unavailable. We are very sorry for all inconveniences caused by these difficulties. As soon as we have more information we will make sure to announce it.

Thank you for your understanding!

A Sad Announcement from RK
December 2, 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every player that supported Remnant Knights. Despite the small community, Remnant Knights players are some of the most dedicated players that we have seen, which is awesome! 

It is with heavy heart and deep regret that we come to before you today to announce the closing of Remnant Knights. Our Remnant Knights agreement with MIN Communications is coming to an end. Due to a lack of content updates, the agreement will not be extended. 
Once again, we thank all of our players who supported and spent time in the world of Kasmari. Just because RK is closing, doesn't mean that we are, though! We will continue to serve you in our other games such as RAN Online and Champions of Regnum. 

Thank you all, and hopefully we’ll see you in one of our other virtual worlds!

Server Close Details:
Close Date: Jan 31, 2014
Time: 11:59PM PST

Samba Shop:
We will be providing Samba compensation for all Sambas spent in-game from November 1, 2013 to the closing date (Jan 31, 2014). 

How to claim:
- Samba compensation will be done on a case by case order.
- Compensation must be claimed after January 31, 2014 (closing date) and no later than February 28, 2014. Any claims made February 29, 2014 or later will not be honored.
- Submit a ticket with your username that spent Sambas in Remnant Knights. If you have multiple accounts that have spent Sambas, please only send in one ticket with all usernames listed within.
- We will compensate you as soon as possible, back on the account that had spent the Sambas. If you have multiple accounts, we can put all the Sambas spent into one of the accounts of your choosing. (will save us some time). The Sambas can then be used in our other games. 

Ticket URL: http://www.gamesamba.com/tickets.html

VIP Members:
- The VIP subscriptions are now restricted to a minimum of 1 month periods.
- If you were previously subscribed to 3 or 6 months, all your in-game VIP rewards have already been sent to you. Please log-in to your Account on the website and cancel your subscription if it is still active.
- We will also be granting current VIP members extra bonus Sambas as compensation. Amounts will depend on the length of the current subscription. To claim your Sambas, you will need to reply to the email with your username, which will be sent very soon. Please check your inbox for an email from Support@gamesamba.com.

Bonus Samba Amounts:
6 Months: 2500 Sambas
3 Months: 1250 Sambas
1 Month: 400 Sambas

Credit Card and UGC payment maintenance
November 8, 2013

There will be a maintenance on our payment systems. During the maintenance time, UGC and Credit Card options will be unavailable. 

Date: 11/9/13 @ 11pm ~ 11/10/13  Expected downtime is no longer than 3 hours. 

Remnant Knights Awkward Animals
September 26, 2013

The adorably-awkward are invading (or stumbling) into Remnant Knights! We’ve teamed up with Wong Fu Productions to bring some of their best plushies into the world of Kasmari as pets.

Stratagami Downtime
September 5, 2013


We would like to inform everyone of a server maintenance for Stratagami games. Lady Popular, Managore, and Khan Wars will have a down time of  8 hours. 

Date: Monday September 9th, 2013

Time: 12:00pm PST - 8:00pm PST 

Credit Card Payment System Downtime
August 5, 2013


There will be a maintenance preformed on the credit card payment system. During this time players might be unable to make a purchase or make subscriptions. 

· Date: 8/8/2013, 9pm to 8/9/2013, 2am Pacific Time

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in Remnant Knights
July 17, 2013

GameSamba, FUNimation & Aniplex are excited to announce that the worlds of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the free-to-play anime inspired MMORPG Remnant Knights will collide! Starting next week, fans of the hit anime series will be able to purchase official FMA: Brotherhood costumes to cosplay in-game as their favorite characters, decorate their RK dorm rooms with FMA swag, and travel through Kasmari in style on an Alphonse Elric mount!

Remnant Knights’ players will be able to obtain in-game costume sets for Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Winry Rockbell, Major Armstrong, Lust, and Greed. In addition, true otaku can purchase items to decorate their RK dorm, including a Fullmetal bed, a framed wall poster, an alchemy circle rug, and an Alphonse plushie. If dressing and decorating in the style of FMA: Brotherhood isn’t enough, players can also ride in glorious fashion atop the shoulders of the new Alphonse mount. 

The first items to release on July 24 will be the Resembool Pack with Winry and Ed costumes, and the State Alchemist Bundle which includes the entire collection on day one, along with a special State Alchemist title. The remaining costumes, mount and other items will become available over the course of the following month. VIP members in RK will get access to the new gear one week early.

For more information on Remnant Knights, full release schedule and screenshots of the exclusive Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood items available in the RK Shop, visit www.RemnantKnights.com/FMA. Check out the announce trailer starring Vic Mignogna, the voice of Edward Elric.

Independence Samba Bonus
July 3, 2013

 In celebration of Independence Day, we are having a Samba Bonus! With every Samba purchase you make from not until 11am on July 5th, you will get 20% MORE SAMBAS! 

Click Here to buy Sambas now!

For CoR Players, this promotion is not for Ximerin but it is for Sambas. You can purchase Sambas and convert to Ximerin the usual way. If you are a steam user, you will need to have our client not the steam client to be able to convert sambas to ximerin.

Remnant Knights Website Maintenance
May 22, 2013

Attention Knights! 

Our website is going down for a maintenance. You will be unable to log in using the browser option at this time but the server is still up and running. If you haven't already, please download the launcher version of the game and log in from there: http://downloads.gamesamba.com/RKSetup.exe

We apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for understanding! See you in Kasmari!

Earn Free Sambas
April 18, 2013

 Greetings Knights! 

On top of the video offers on the Home Page previously announced, we have made it easier for you to reach the offer walls to earn free sambas!  Just cursor over Shop and you will see the Earn Sambas option. You can even save this link to access it directly at any time http://www.gamesamba.com/store/offers.html. Once you are there be sure to click on all 5 providers by clicking on their logos to explore more offers. Keep checking back on all the available offers and earn enough to get all the Samba Shop items you wish for! 

Website Maintenance Complete
March 4, 2013


We recently had an unexpected issue with the website.  They were put into maintenance and fixed as quickly as possible.  Everything is now back to normal. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this maintenance.

See you in-game!

Simplified Samba Value Coming March 1
February 22, 2013

Simplified Samba Value Coming March 1

In order to make it easier for our players to understand value of their dollars spent, and to provide additional discounts to those buying larger Samba packs, GameSamba will be making a change to our Samba valuation chart on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 11am PST. The current base samba value of 160 per dollar will be changing to 100 per dollar. We’ll also be adjusting the pricing of all items in the Remnant Knights Samba Shop to align with new Samba valuation and to align with comparable items in other games. Overall, you will find that the value of your dollar will remain about the same, but you’ll have a much easier time understanding pricing of Samba Shop items after the change.

Because of this adjustment, any Samba packs purchased between now and when the valuation change is completed on March 1 will give you at least 60 more sambas per dollar. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to stretch your dollars farther before it’s too late. Simply click ‘Buy Sambas’ within the Samba Shop or at the top of the RK website to get started.  If you have any questions or comments about this upcoming change, please visit the forum section devoted to this topic. Thank you.

GamerFuse Downtime
February 6, 2013

Greetings GameSamba/GamerFuse Players!! 

While we update our website on February 6, GamerFuse and our channel games will be unavailable for up to 24 hours. As soon as they are up and running we will keep everyone informed! This update will take place at 1pm PST.

Sorry for any inconveniences, we will see you back in-game as soon as they are back up! Thank you for your understanding.

New Year Samba Blowout
December 28, 2012

Looking for your GameSamba Channel Game?
November 20, 2012

Attention Players,

All of our channel games will be moving to http://www.gamerfuse.com . You can continue playing just as you have been. Your accounts, characters and all items will still be in place just as always. GamerFuse will be the home of all of GameSamba’s favorite channel games. 

The forums for these channel games will be closing soon. 

Channel Games:
Tribal Trouble 2
Shadowland Online
Star Supremacy 
Khan Wars
Lady Popular

Bear with us as we streamline our site for big changes coming soon!

GameSamba At New York Comic-Con 2012
October 5, 2012

GameSamba Announces Upcoming JollyGrim Closed Beta
September 14, 2012

GameSamba launches Shadowland Online
September 14, 2012