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What is Remnant Knights?
Remnant Knights is an online multiplayer game published by GameSamba. Players explore an online virtual world populated by characters controlled by other real world players. As such, they can interact with other players in various social ways including text chat, forming clubs or pairing up for certain gameplay elements or competitions. Players can also personalize their appearance and decorate their own dorm room within the game to show off their own style. GameSamba is committed to providing an online environment that is not only safe, but fun for your kids while playing Remnant Knights.

What does it mean to be a Teen Rated game?
Remnant Knights has been rated T for Teen from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). You may be familiar with E rated games like Club Penguin or E10+ rated games like Wizard 101, Pirate 101 or Free Realms that include parental controls, chat restrictions, and other privacy protection measures driven by regulations surrounding players under the age of 13. With a Teen rated game like Remnant Knights, we have a different level of online safety and privacy controls in place, but also requires a bit more personal responsibility on the part of the players and parents. Just as Teens learn additional responsibilities in their day to day lives, the same holds true for online gaming.

GameSamba Online Safety Measures:
At GameSamba, we have Game Masters to monitor chat and other gameplay interactions, as well as help players and host in-game events. This ensures we can protect the privacy and safety of our players and maintain a positive overall gaming environment in Remnant Knights. We also enforce specific rules that spell out our expectations for appropriate interactions between players including forum and social network posts.

Additional Online Safety References:
We encourage parents and teens to review the online safety articles and websites below that will provide you the information and tools needed to make smart decisions.
Get Safe Online
FBI's Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
FTC's OnGuard Online
Google Tips for Online Safety
Children Online
Connect Safely

The following link is another available tool you can review and sign with your child to increase awareness and educate them about appropriate behaviors online: The Parent / Child Digital Consciousness Contract.

Are there any parental controls or monitoring available?
Unlike E rated games, we don't offer this service, but encourage you to create a free account to play alongside your child or check out the game for yourself.

How much does it cost?
Remnant Knights is a free to play game so there is no cost to create an account or play. The only requirement is a valid email address. We also offer in-game premium items for sale that enhance gameplay and offer VIP subscriptions, which are completely optional. All items for sale in game are purchased using a virtual currency called Sambas. To learn more about Sambas, Click Here.

What is included with VIP Subscription?
VIP subscription is designed for players who enjoy Remnant Knights and want to enhance their gameplay with premium items at a significant discount. Those who sign up will receive a pre-selected set of in-game items delivered to them on a regular basis. We offer recurring subscriptions of 1, 3 and 6 month durations. This is the easiest way to keep your child happy without having to constantly hand over your credit card for small purchases here and there.

Personal information security
We encourage you to remind your child to never share any personally identifiable information with others while playing Remnant Knights. At GameSamba, we never use your email for any mailing list without your permission, and do not sell personal info to outside companies. Players will have an opportunity to create in-game characters with fantastical names, and can even create a student ID. We recommend players use their imagination rather than using real world information to protect their identity.

Security of Billing Information
We partner with external payment providers who retain your information in a secure environment, so none of your billing information is stored directly by GameSamba. Please monitor any use of payment information you may share with your children to prevent any surprises on your next billing statement. Please note that we will never ask a player for any personal or billing information via email or phone. If you ever encounter anyone doing so, please report the incident to

How can we contact you?
We welcome your feedback and questions. You can find our contact information here.