The Attack on Titan: Assault Open Beta Date Announced

First of all, GameSamba hopes everyone is having a wonderful Winter Holiday Season, and wishes all of you an excellent 2019!

We’re excited to announce that we’re ready to launch the Open Beta of Attack on Titan: Assault. The Open Beta will be available to selected players from the US, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia starting from 18:00 on Dec 27, 2018 (PDT). Players who received the invitation will get a beta key to access the game. The top up function will be available in game during the Open Beta, and the player data won't be wiped out.

Officially licensed and developed by GameSamba, Attack on Titan combines elements of an RPG and runner features in order to replicate the signature fast-paced action of titan combat the anime introduced to the world stage.

Ready to face titans on the little screen?

The Attack on Titan: Assault Product Team

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