GameSamba Announces Tokyo Ghoul Mobile Game

GameSamba and FUNimation Entertainment to make “TOKYO GHOUL” mobile game

EVERETT, WA – GameSamba and FUNimation Entertainment, both Group 1200 Media companies, have announced today that they are beginning production on a video game based on the hit series, “Tokyo Ghoul.”

“Tokyo Ghoul,” created by Sui Ishida, was adapted into an anime television series in 2014, and is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by FUNimation. The series takes place in a fictional Tokyo, which is plagued by human-looking monsters named Ghouls. Humanity lives in fear of Ghouls, which survive by feasting on human flesh. The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) forces are the only thing that stands between humanity and the fearsome Ghouls who hunt them.

“Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of the Tokyo Ghoul have been clamoring for a mobile game,” said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and President of FUNimation Entertainment.  “With Season 2 now finished, the anticipation for the mobile game has only grown higher.”

The new “Tokyo Ghoul” game will focus on the conflict between humans and the CCG. By selecting a side, players will be able to help determine the path that the conflict takes. With elements of RPGs and action games, the “Tokyo Ghoul” game will remain faithful to the source material’s style, as players choose to hunt humans, or protect them.

The game will be available in English worldwide on Android and Apple devices. It is currently scheduled for release in 2016. The home video release and the digital HD dub version of “Tokyo Ghoul” Season 1 will be available starting September 22, 2015. The digital subtitled version has already been released.

More details about the game will be revealed throughout the coming months. To stay up to date on the development of the game, fans can stay tuned to the GameSamba website and Facebook page.

About GameSamba

GameSamba is a publisher and developer of free-to-play and mobile games, with studios in the Seattle area, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The company’s mission is to bring high quality titles to a global audience. GameSamba is an affiliate of Group 1200 Media’s Consumer Products division.

About FUNimation® Entertainment

FUNimation Entertainment is the leading anime company in North America and a subsidiary of Group 1200 Media. FUNimation has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands. The company manages a full spectrum of rights for most of their brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, Internet, and home video sales and distribution. Its content is released across traditional and digital distribution channels, including theatrical exhibition, physical and digital home entertainment, as well as paid and free subscription on-demand services. For more information about FUNimation Entertainment and its brands, visit

About Group 1200 Media

Group 1200 Media, a fully integrated, next-generation independent entertainment studio, is the parent holding company of FUNimation Entertainment, Giant Ape Media, and Group 1200 Consumer Products, and a market leader in the acquisition, creation, production, distribution, licensing, and marketing of a wide-ranging anime, TV and movie slate. The company’s three subsidiaries encompass curated content, services, and consumer products aligned to distinct genres and audiences. For more information, visit

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