Open Beta for Attack on Titan: Assault Is Now Live


March 14, 2019 -- GameSamba has announced the launch of its highly anticipated mobile game "Attack on Titan: Assault" on the Google Play store. The game will soon be available on Apple’s app store as well. 

Earlier this year, GameSamba opened pre-registration for "Attack on Titan: Assault" on Google Play, which led to a high volume of registrations. “We are very excited to bring this world-wide hit anime title directly to the hands of the fans through a mobile game,” said Jacky Yung, CEO of GameSamba. “We are dedicated to bringing fans and players together in Attack on Titan: Assault and allowing them to be part of the action!”

"Attack on Titan: Assault" allows players and fans to battle titans on their mobile devices. It combines elements of an RPG and runner features in order to replicate the fast-paced action of the titan battles from the anime series. Players will need to use careful planning--and quick reactions--to survive. There will also be deeper, persistent elements to the game, including multiplayer features. 

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